Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wolf Painting

Wolf Head, oil over monotype, 19 x 24 cm.

This painting started out as one of the first monotypes I did back in September 2011. It wasn't a success, but it also wasn't as bad as most of the others I'd done, so I kept it. I found it the other day as I was looking through my pile of failed prints for other monotypes to paint on, like I'd done with the fox a week or so before.

I over painted this one a lot more than the fox so unfortunately there's hardly any of the original showing through. I really love painting on the paper though. I could never get on very well with the texture of canvas so I used to paint on wood panels a lot, but they're heavy and take more preparation (cutting them to size and sanding and priming them). Painting in oil on unsealed paper isn't archivally sound though, unlike painting with watercolour or acrylic, so I wont be selling these.